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 Guide To Building A Good Reputation

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PostSubject: Guide To Building A Good Reputation   Thu Sep 10, 2009 11:25 pm

Guide To Building A Good Reputation

Do you want to be known throughout the xscape community as a nice respective player? If so read on and this guide could help you out.

Gaining a reputation on a server is extremely important if you want to have any chance in earning staff it is vital that other players get along with you and enjoy being around your presence. You also have to have proof that you have helped the server otherwise players might think, HEY! that guy didn't earn staff he just got it randomly.

Earning respect can be very simple and can help you greatly in the long run, a popular sign that you have earnt respect from a certain member is if you post a staff application and that person will add a positive reply to that application saying that they vouch it (agree with it). Asking someone to do this will not prove them having respect for you as you are putting them on the spot if they really have respect for you then they will do it without being asked.

There are many different types of respect that you can receive or give the two main ones would be getting respect from being the best player killer or richest person in the server and the respect of being a kind active player on forums and in game. Receiving respect from being a kind player is the best type of respect you can get this shows staff members that people really get along with you therefore they are more likely to obey you if you are staff. Having respect for being the best player killer or richest person in the server is still good but although you have people being kind to you this may just be because they want free stuff and they might not agree that you would be a good staff member at all.

One of the best ways to gain respect on a server is often to give respect, if someone has achieved something or has been a really nice player in game and in forums congratulate them about it and give them a little bit of respect for there efforts that they put in. If you do this the person would often remember this and next time you achieve something they will give you respect back.

However gaining respect from members is only half the battle as it is staff that make the final decision on whether they think you are worthy of a staff spot, gaining respect from staff can be very simple but effort needs to be shown. Many ways to gain respect from staff is to vote for the server everyday, advertise and get us more members this will gain you some respect but we also need you to try and show us that you have helped us out we do not have telepathic visions that tell us why a certain person joined the server if you get someone to join the server introduce him to us. If you have followed this guide up to now it is a good chance that we are thinking about making you staff but we need a little more than this. Advertising and gaining us members is something a lot of users on the server do some have accomplished more than others but the same point applies try do something unique as well, something that others have not done yet this is bound to get you noticed a lot more.

Other ways to gain respect would be to welcome new players and show them around this helps staff a lot as we are often busy making updates to forums and the server we don’t always have time to come online and welcome new players so doing this for us is a great help. Finally asking for staff spot in game can be very annoying and is actually against the rules if you want to apply for staff please do so in the correct part of the forum and do not ask in game we check our applications every day and they are noticed.

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PostSubject: Re: Guide To Building A Good Reputation   Fri Sep 11, 2009 9:53 pm

Nice Guide Ill Be making some soon =]
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PostSubject: Re: Guide To Building A Good Reputation   Tue Oct 06, 2009 2:10 am

ty for telling me bout this marky it has answered all my questions
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PostSubject: Re: Guide To Building A Good Reputation   

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Guide To Building A Good Reputation
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