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PostSubject: Applications Forum   Tue Sep 22, 2009 8:25 pm

Ok, as you may / may not know we have had a ton of moderator applications in and I'm sorry that we are slow on deciding but this is because we need to see how good you are in game and in forums if you have posted a moderator application and have less than 10 forum posts or if you are inactive in game then your application is very unlikely to be accepted. We have currently locked the "Applications Here" forum whilst we think about our current ones and we will be watching you all in game when the server is back online which should be fairly soon. If you are inactive for one week of the server being online your application has a high chance of getting declined and anyone that gets moved into the inactive list that can be accessed from the admin zone also has a high chance of there application getting declined. If you are inactive for 7 days on the forums it will move you into the inactive list, I may add that any current staff in game that are inactive on forums also have a chance of getting demoted although someone is already staff we will demote if needed to so if you achieve staff this doesn't mean you can slip on us.

Thanks for reading. Razz

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