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 Doggy And Marky.

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Doggy And Marky. Empty
PostSubject: Doggy And Marky.   Doggy And Marky. EmptyMon Nov 09, 2009 10:00 am

Hello Xscapeians, Doggy and Marky.

This is "Owner" Here, your best and will be best coder for your server IF you give my privliges back and stop stuffing me around making me waste my time doing nothing. One minuite you say u'll fix my account get it un nulled then you log on it un null it and you say your going to change my account name for me, witch i accept you doing so, then you didn't tell me a name your changing it to, and my account OWNER is password changed, if i'm going to get my account back with my privliges tell me so, if not then tell me i'm not so i can move on and code for other servers and back to 2speced being mod. Cheers.
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Doggy And Marky.
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