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 Okay, important update/news!

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I love dogs
I love dogs

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PostSubject: Okay, important update/news!   Sun Oct 11, 2009 11:41 am

king Okay everyone, we are very sorry about the downtime. It was due to someone super nulling us and we did get effected by it harshly. Luckily thanks to our friend server owner, Atrix676 fixed this problem. We are back online & do not plan on going down anytime soon. (actually the VPS is running out in a week or so & we have no donors anymore...) On another note, some of you may have known about the dupe that was discovered on the server. Fortunately, this was fixed, again, thanks to Atrix676 for this. We should be online 24\7 now and from now on unless we are not able to get enough VPS money before the week. We will keep you updated on how much money we raise in attempt this VPS, otherwise we will be in a situation to where we will have to be lucky to get another donation whilst the server is offline. Chances are, that won't happen again. Also another update, we have officially released our new client (background made by our Owner/GFX/JadenLover Marky!) for those of you who have not downloaded. Client download link is here so please do take the time to download that (: Okay so now that we are through with all that, hopefully most of you did read all of the above because we have now arrived at an important spot in this message.

Okay, seeing as how bad we are on players right now, Atrix676 has given me the idea to hold a raffle/lotto.. Not just any raffle though! The prize is AMAZING, none can refuse. Although we must reach the requirements for the prize to be given away. Okay here is what the raffle is, and how the prize is won (also what the prize is.) Okay so the raffle will be, we are going to need more recruits, and so the competition will be to see, who is the player that can recruit the most players to the server, you must have them register on forums, and post their user in game, and say that you recruited them (your ign) okay now I bet you are all wondering what is the prize? Well the prize is...... [Look for yourself inside the Spoiler!]. Requirements for this to be given away: We must reach at least 50 players before this is given away, I will tally up the person who gets the most players recruited, and they will be rewarded this account. Picture as followed:


Yes this is real Runescape, this account will be given away to that lucky winner. Other prizes may be given away but as you can see, we are in desperate need of these players & votes. (votes do not count for this raffle) so are you up to the challenge? This raffle will end on November 1st. Start recruiting and hope you win! Don't forget to tell your player to register on forums Smile if you want to make life a little bit easier on you:

When giving someone the client link a shortcut is: www.xscapeclient.tk
When giving someone our forums link, it is: www.xscapefourms.com
When giving someone the link to vote for us, it is: www.vote4boredom.tk
When giving someone the link to see this lotto/raffle: www.xscapelotto.tk
I hope this does help you guys with this, jocolor

Please do encourage your recruits to take a look at this page as it will bring more players into the server.
We hope to start seeing some progress in the server,
Good luck to all who enter,
GO GO GO!!!!!

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PostSubject: Re: Okay, important update/news!   Sun Oct 11, 2009 6:28 pm

This is very nice, hopefully we gain alot of players from it.
Runescape names can now be changed via the website.

Marky & I love dogs

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Okay, important update/news!
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